Dartmouth President Jim Yong Kim ’82 tapped by Obama to lead World Bank

As multiple news outlets reported this morning, Jim Yong Kim ’82 was selected as Obama’s pick to lead the World Bank. Kim, who graduated from Brown with a degree in Human Biology, went on to receive a MD and PhD from Harvard prior to becoming president of Dartmouth back in 2009. As the Herald reported earlier this month, President Simmons was also a candidate for the position.

While I’m sure President Kim achieved many great feats in his time as president, I highly doubt anything will compare to him rapping over a Black Eyed Peas track, draped in glow sticks and sporting some futuristic t-shirt situation:

A note to President Obama: we’re sorry that we keep scooping up your candidates – Christina Paxson would have been another perfect fit for the job. However, if you would like to appoint a current Brown student to one of these positions, we already have a cover letter ready for your viewing.

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