Sophomore Slump: Your lack of concentration (in more than one way)

Hey there, sophomores. Think back to when you first got accepted Brown. All your friends (and their obnoxiously competitive parents) would ask you why you chose Brown over, say, that other school. You’d nonchalantly speak of the open curriculum — ah, such a wondrous concept! — in which you have the flexibility to take classes in any department you choose, mix and match lectures and seminars to your liking, and not have to deal with pesky distribution requirements. You get the bragging rights of the Ivy League with the flexibility of a liberal arts program. #winning.

Then second semester of sophomore year hits. You automatically delete skim over all the ASK and Curricular Advising e-mails — you don’t possibly have to think about this now, it’s only January, right? But before you know it, March rolls around. You’re sunbathing on the Main Green and casually checking your Facebook when you see that your acquaintance from orientation has posted a status update: “Officially declared in _______!” Crap.

Better move those emails from trash to your inbox, friends. It’s almost April 1, which means it’s time to declare your concentration (haha, very funny, Advising Central. April Fools?) and actually decide which department you can stand like the most. You’re either dead set on one, or have absolutely no idea where to go from your ENGL/AMCV/ECON/GEOL schedule. If you fall in the latter category, you’re in luck: BlogDH has put together a little personality test that will help you determine which concentration is most compatible with your interests. Yuuup, we just went all Seventeen magazine on y’all. Check it out after the jump.

1) Now that the weather’s nice, I’m spending my free time…
a. Prepping for BOLT training.
b. Moving my cigarette break from outside of the Rock to the steps of Manning.
c.  On the Amtrak Acela for my interview at Goldman Sachs, UBS, or Morgan Stanley.
d. People-watching from Faunce steps.

2) Lunch rush at the Blue Room! My go-to sandwich topping is…
a. Spinach, basil, lettuce… Just give me all the greens you have.
b. Banana peppers. It’s an under-the-table topping, you know.
c. Mustard. Keepin’ it simple, keepin’ it classy.
d. Tabouli. It’s so ethnic.

3) My most visited website (other than BlogDailyHerald, duh) is…
a. National Geographic
b. Tumblr
c. LinkedIn
d. I’m too busy reading social theory.

4) My main source of caffeine during the midterm grind is…
a. My own tea. I bring it everywhere I go.
b. Coffee Exchange. I’m a regular.
c. Red Bull. All day, erryday.
d. Tealuxe. Its prime people-watching location and wide selection of Chinese teas make it a winner.

5) My favorite #BrownSwag from the Bookstore is…
a. “This is my Brown shirt” eco-friendly t-shirt.
b. Brown vintage-revival oversized sweaters.
c. Brown Under Armour training shirts.
d. Please, I don’t stand for workshops.
If you chose mostly A’s… consider a concentration in Geology. You love being outdoors, you’re environmentally conscious and inclined toward science without wanting to spend beautiful daylight stuck in indoor labs.

If you chose mostly B’s… consider a concentration in Modern Culture and Media. But who takes these tests anyway? The concept of a ‘poll’ is a performance, a spectacle…

If you chose mostly C’s… consider a concentration BEO (formerly COE; make sure to wear deodorant). You worship at Hazeltine’s feet, want to go into business and are always looking to close a deal. You know your way around Wall Street, or at least dream of making it big there.

If you chose mostly D’s… consider a concentration in Anthropology. Your hobbies include: people-watching, being culturally conscious, and probably wearing prints.

Obviously, this test shouldn’t be the be-all and end-all of your declaration process. If this personality test has pointed you in the right direction or allowed you to see your future more clearly, that’s great. If not, no worries: browse Focal Point to learn more about each department’s concentration requirements and make sure to talk to your advisor before the April 1 deadlineHappy declaring! You can do it!

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