Useless Rankings: Brown makes Princeton Review’s list of “Dream Colleges”

Brown's FB has been great recentlyGood news: findings from the Princeton Review’s 2012 College Hopes and Worries Survey (really guys?) confirm that Brown remains a “shining city upon a hill” for applicants in both literal and figurative terms.

Of course we already knew that, but now we have the “proof.” The Princeton Review asked a total of 7,445 college applicants which school they’d choose to attend if neither cost nor admission were an issue. Brown made its debut in the top 10 this year and holds the ninth place spot on the Student “Dream College” list. We may be behind some of our frenemies in Cambridge, but we knocked Penn — a school that made the same list last year — out of the top 10. Keep smiling and being dreamy, Brunos. We have some pre-frosh to impress.

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