Eliza Thornberry commits to Brown 2016

Eliza Thornberry has a secret: she can talk to animals. 

It’s true that Thornberry uses her talent for good to save all of her animal friends. More importantly, like any competitive college applicant, Eliza used her special gift to gain a competitive advantage in the college application process. Sources close to Eliza told BlogDH that the RV-schooled high school senior shed light on her cross-species communicative abilities in every single one of her college essays.

As one would expect, Eliza was accepted to several elite universities within the past week, including our very own. Upon her acceptance to Brown, Thornberry immediately joined the “Brown University Class of 2016 – Admitted Students” group on Facebook. She posted in the group, bragging about her admittance to Brown, Harvard, Dartmouth, Amherst, and Johns Hopkins, and then dramatically called on all 2,760 people in the Facebook group to convince her why she should attend Brown. After a group of select devoted ED admits — all of whom are avid posters in the group — rushed to the case within seconds, Eliza shared that she had officially been convinced and that she would definitely be attending Brown next year. We at BlogDH are relieved that Eliza Thornberry will be gracing our campus in the fall; we’ve been waiting for someone of her expertise to answer all of our questions about the campus squirrels.

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  1. The commvee visited MIT about a month ago, they must be making the east coast rounds.


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