Sextion: Sex Abroad info sesh, Part 2

With the end of the semester rapidly approaching, you might be wondering where next semester will take you. Study abroad, perhaps? Maybe you’re a graduating senior who’s moving across seas or a sophomore looking to take some time off to travel. If you’re going outside the US, you’ll need to prep yourself on how to navigate your sexy way around the globe. Last week, Heather HotPants covered some popular abroad destinations. This week, she’s giving you more:

Argentina: It takes three to tango. Argentines are known for their love of fooling around, and that includes with people who aren’t their partners. “If an Argentine ever takes you on a date to a café, but when you enter the café he tells you there are ‘too many people’ for the ‘intimate atmosphere,’ [that] means he has a girlfriend and he’s worried that her friends are at the café,” according to one friend who studied in Buenos Aires. “And I know this because my Argentine professor explained this to me.”

China: You are a western god(dess). Anyone who has been to China will tell you that if you’re not Asian-looking, you are an automatic celebrity. Careful — just because they want your autograph doesn’t mean that they want to sleep with you. In fact, talk of sex is taboo in China — sex education only opened up in the last decade. But like most things in this country, all of that is changing quickly.

Most people think the Kama Sutra is the only old school playbook when it comes to sex, but Taoism also offers a graphic sexual guide from the Orient. A country with brilliant ancient wisdom and a quickly changing modern landscape that’s increasingly open to try new things? China might be the perfect place for sex abroad.

Czech Republic: Stare at hot, unavailable women. The ratio of good-looking men to good-looking women in the CR is extremely low (according to one friend who lived in Prague, it’s about 1:10). “There were so many beautiful women,” said one friend, “but they wouldn’t give me the time of day.”

France: Flirt, Parisian style. French men talk the big baguette but walk the stinky cheese. Frenchies complain about pouty French women who never have fun. But if you’re aggressive, they’ll run off scared to death. Sacré bleu, indeed! As a general rule of thumb in France, the French love to complain but they like things just the way they are. So if you want sleep French-style, you’ll have to learn to act French-style. That means playing hard-to-get if you’re a girl and chasing aggressively if you’re a guy. Booty dancing is strictly prohibited.

Ireland: Get lucky. Rosy cheeks, adorable freckles, a sweet smile that might not always be so innocent. Girls in Ireland like to dress up, even to class. Pounds of makeup and high heels are the norm. The guys there take a much more relaxed approach. Sweatpants and old t-shirts are commom. The Irish have made the ambiguous American term “hooking up” more clear: “getting the shift” is Irish for “making out.” And their way of saying “having sex?” “Getting the ride.” Pretty clever, those Irish. If you like to party, drink tons, and flirt with some of the most welcoming people in the world, study abroad in Ireland. Who knows? You might strike it lucky and find that perfect pot of gold in the end.

Israel: Experience bedroom politics. After two years of toning in the army, a brilliant tan from the Mediterranean sun, and a gorgeous physique from consuming nothing but hummus, it’s no wonder that Israelis are touted as one of the sexiest populations in the world. As one friend and world traveler put it — “the overall most attractive pool I’ve ever seen anywhere.” Israelis can be quite aggressive in bed, but be careful! This same trait means many Israelis like to argue, as well. “I once stormed out of a guy’s bed after a debate about the Middle East conflict came up,” one friend told me. “Where else could this happen but Israel?!”

Enjoy your time abroad, Brunonian. And don’t forget, no matter where you go, body language is always the most powerful one to speak.

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