BlogDH presents: The Pauly D Project drinking game

"I'm from Rhode Island."

If you weren’t one of the 2.9 million viewers watching Rhode Island’s very own Pauly D on The Pauly D Project last Thursday when it premiered, don’t worry, we got you covered. After all, Pauly D is one of BlogDH’s favorite local celebs.

The Jersey Shore spinoff has a simple premise: following the adventures of Pauly D and his friends Biggie, Jerry, Ryan, and JROC. This season, as MTV says,

Viewers will get to see Pauly D chase his dream as he signs a recording contract with rap icon 50 Cent’s G-Note Records, accompanies pop icon Britney Spears on her international “Femme Fatale” tour and tries to balance it all with the array of photo shoots, public appearances and media interviews that are now a part of his everyday life.

The first episode follows Pauly as he is offered the opportunity to try out as Las Vegas The Palms resident DJ. Pauly and his crew fly to Vegas, stay in a hotel suite fully equipped with a pool and with “bathrooms within bathrooms,” as Pauly puts it, and Pauly spins at The Palms’ nightclub where, he is reminded by The Palms’ manager, everyone will be watching. As Pauly starts off his set, something goes wrong with the speakers and he fears his chance at the gig will be lost. But luckily his friend Biggie figures out the snag and fixes it. The speakers roar, Pauly spins, and the crowd fist pumps. All is well. Six months go by during which Pauly and his friends do straight-up shenanigans around Rhode Island (i.e. getting their backs waxed, shooting one another with BB guns, sneaker shopping, haircuts, and chasing each other around a backyard). Finally, Pauly gets the call that he’s got the gig.

Now, it’s not quite Jersey Shore, but it’s still Pauly D, and BlogDH thinks Pauly deserves something special. A drinking game. That’s right folks. Get your tanning spray (not for drinking) and your tequila — or “ratty takeout juice” or whatever — ready and join us on this adventure.

The Pauly D Project Drinking Game

  • Pauly or one of his friends fist pumps – 1 shot
  • A crowd of people fist pumps – 2 shots
  • “Yeaaaaaaaaah buddy” – 1 shot (btw in the first episode we would have had 12 for this one… eek. Maybe half shots or mixed drink shooters?)
  • Providence or Rhode Island is referenced – 1 shot
  • “Cab’s heeeere!” (“Limo’s heeeere!”) – Chug a beer [pron: beeyah]
  • Someone cries – 1 shot
  • Pauly uses his hometown to pick up a girl – 5 shots (e.g. in this episode. “Girl: You’re sexy, I’m sexy. Pauly: I’m from Rhode Island. Girl: Well then it’s all good.” Um….?!)

May the juiced and tanned odds be ever in your favor.

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