State of the City: Drunk children eating weird meats

Minor offenses. Two people were arrested in East Providence over the weekend for serving alcohol at a party to a number of children — one as young as 6 years old. Though police said the child only consumed a small amount of alcohol, at least one woman has been charged with purchasing alcohol for a minor as well as contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Hard to say if this is funny, or if we should preserve the dignity of minors along with their identities.

Who let the dogs (food) out? Rhode Island will no longer allow the beef additive known as “pink slime” in its school food starting next year. Pink slime was outlawed as an additive in human-consumed food until 2001; before that, it was only used in dog food. If it’s not melted pink Starburst, why are we even bothering to consume something called pink slime? That mystery meat is goin’ to the dogs.

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