State of the City: People having words with many “friends”

Threatening the police is never a good idea… Though Senator Dominick Ruggerio faced drunk driving charges last week, the bigger news had to do with Senator Frank Ciccone. At the time of his friend’s arrest, Ciccone went up to police officers and threatened them. Ciccone’s following statement was released alongside the police report:

“You think you got pension problems now, wait ’til this [expletive] is all done. This guy voted against you the last time, it ain’t gonna get any better now.” Ciccone was referring to the state’s municipal pension problem, which has some police departments facing wholly unfunded pension funds.

When Ruggerio’s car pulled over, Ciccone seemed to emerge out of thin air, walking along the street towards the arrest. Who said politicians aren’t humble? And who said they aren’t wizards?

1-0, Taveras administration…
Two weeks ago: Robert Flanders, a state appointed official working in Central Falls, makes comments about how the city of Providence will likely face bankruptcy this summer, despite Mayor Taveras’ efforts.

Last week: Flanders’s law firm, which was previously working with the city on the budget problem, is dismissed by Taveras.

Your move, Flanders… We suggest going for the “Triple Word Score.” Having words with friends isn’t always an easy task.

Breaking News: Not much, actually…
Fires, violence, nightclubs. Providence obviously took some time off this week in celebration of Easter/Passover; hopefully they’ll be back in full force next week, but only after we’ve recovered from that chocolate hangover…

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