State of the City: They arrest people for that?

Fake ID trumps true identity. Governor Chafee’s son Caleb, 18, was arrested trying to buy alcohol at a liquor store in Jamestown, R.I. Police were called and Caleb was charged. He could face a $500 fine. Caleb, word of advice — when you’re the governor’s son and you’re buying liquor in his state, just get a friend to get you booze. Or, another option: go to Spiritus, where they’re very apolitical.

Back-and-forth gets personal. Anthony Gemma, prospective primary challenger to Representative David Cicilline ’83, questioned the timing of former Providence mayor Cicilline’s admission that he made false statements during the 2010 campaign about the city’s financial situation. The accusation was challenged by Cicilline, who told the Providence Journal (#projoswag) he doubted the timing of Gemma’s decision to register as a Democrat. Gemma countered by saying he questioned the timing of Cicilline’s mother’s decision to register as a Democrat. Cicilline responded with “Yo momma’s so far to the right, the Tea Party told her to get with the times.” (At least half of that story is true.) #electionseason

The crumbling masses. In a story that’s sure to light the country on fire, the R.I. Coastal Resources Management Council has denied a South Kingstown petition to build a retaining wall alongside Mantunuck Beach Road, an initiative that would work to secure the road against further erosion damage. President Obama, where is the federal leadership on this issue?! The country is eroding in front of your very eyes! (“Eroding,” did you catch that?)

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