Sans Meal Plan: Spring Week(end) Shopping

Gimme some of your tots!

Some of my fondest memories of Spring Week(end) consist of me and my friends eating all sorts of unmentionables at Jo’s post-concert and late night. Somehow, Butterfinger ice cream bars and Spicy Withs taste a million times better than normal when consumed in baggy Spring Weekend tanks. But now that most of my friends and I are off meal plan, it’s time to reevaluate our approach to Spring Week eats. It goes without saying that we’re all going to want our fair share of mozzarella sticks, cookies, and plates of onion rings, but how can we when flex points are a far-away dream?

My recommendation for you: do your Spring Week food shopping now when you have the time and energy to leave your apartment/dorm. Believe me, it’s better to walk to Eastside Marketplace this weekend before you have all sorts of social engagements than to find yourself with serious hunger pangs come Saturday afternoon. Here is my suggested grocery list for the upcoming week based on three years of personal experience.


  • Give me some of your tots: Tater tots are always a crowd favorite and are a great way to cure those urges for French fries that are hard to satiate without a McDonald’s nearby. Just make sure you also by lots of ketchup, otherwise you’ll find yourself a bit sad. And, if you’re going to be buying your own tots, you may as well buy some Jo’s classics while you’re at it.  I’ve never met a mozzarella stick I didn’t like…
  • Ice cream bars/popsicles: If it’s warm outside, you’ll definitely want to sit outside on the grass and enjoy some favorites from summers past. Even if it’s not warm, why would you ever turn down a popsicle? And you can buy an entire box of frozen treats for the same price as one trip to Froyo World! So if you anticipate wanting something in the ice cream family, consider buying from the grocery store instead.
  • Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger, can I take your order?: If you already know that you’ll be sad if you don’t have an obligatory spicy chicken sandwich or cheeseburger, buy some frozen patties instead! Jo’s food is frozen anyway, so it really wouldn’t be that different, and you can buy anything from breaded chicken to burgers to hot dogs to veggie patties for not that much cash.


  • I love me some buns: If you’re going to be making your own Spicy With, you may want some bread or buns to eat it with. Also, toast is really yummy at 2 a.m., especially with Nutella…
  • J-E-L-L-O!: Besides the obvious fact that Jello is amazing, it is also a fantastic vehicle for vodka consumption. It’s win-win, so stock up on this really, really cheap dessert.
  • Snack-tastic: Doritos are good. Sunchips are even better.


  • Soft: OJ, cranberry juice, and Coke are the go-to favorites. Also, this should go without saying, but DRINK WATER like there’s no tomorrow, otherwise you’ll regret it tomorrow. That is all.
  • Hard: You know the drill, do what you do.
  • Seriously, DRINK WATER.


I am one of those people that need to eat a piece of lettuce every once in a while so that my body won’t revolt against me. If I eat nothing but bread for a week, I will be a really happy camper but super sluggish. Because I don’t want to miss one second of my senior Spring Week, I’m going to try and sneak in some fruits and veggies so I don’t end up in a food coma. Apples and oranges are always economical and easy-to-transport options. As far as veggies go, do lettuce, tomato, and ketchup on my burger count? I think yes.

So, go forth, frolic and be free. Bribe your younger friends to bring you Ratty takeout (“Why yes, I do have a real ID…”). Go to Binder. These are the best years of your life!

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