The 12 Foods/Drinks of SW: Treat yo’ self


It’s been a rough few days, and you wouldn’t want any bad luck to befall you in the final stretch before Spring Weekend. You’ve been everywhere on Thayer, and those calzones sure are good, but you want a change.

Two words: food trucks.

You’ve seen them around, but you’ve always thought, “Eh, the line is so long,” or, “Where would I sit and eat this?” The thing is, with the spring sun finally coming out and hordes of hungry students wandering around, the food truck-palooza is sure to hit the campus full force over the next few weeks, giving you both an ample food selection and a variety of crowded greens to sit on. Whether you’re waiting for some Korean BBQ, pulled pork sandwiches, green chili cheeseburgers or cupcakes, the lines usually move pretty quickly and you get to chat around with friends while you anticipate your impending foodgasm. Make sure you give some trucks a try now so you can choose wisely when they invade our streets over Spring Weekend! Treat yo’ self.

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