The 12 Foods/Drinks of SW: The heat wave

heat-wave-july-2011-weather-mapIn case you didn’t know yet, today is the beginning of everyone’s favorite week of the year. There’s also a very high chance that we will beat the day’s 2003 temperature record of 88°. (Poor little pre-frosh won’t know what hit them.) Don’t stay inside and reminisce on your sweltering move-in day in Keeney/Andrews: this beautiful weather should be a cause for day drinking/complaining the slip ‘n’ slide hasn’t started yet celebration and outdoor activities, especially since two of your favorite nourishments will be in attendance.

First off, frozen lemonade. You can’t quite remember that first time you had a sip/bite mouthful of some Del’s (your first Spring Weekend? Back in the March heat wave?), but what you can remember is that the the lemony tang of this ultimate refreshment sent chilly waves through your body as the ice melted in your mouth. Despite the trickiness in how to actually slurp it (hold the cup like a hot dog and ooze the ice out… yep), you found a way to do it, and you knew your $2 were well spent. At BlogDH, we don’t like picking sides, so why not also try out New England Frozen Lemonade? It has better online reviews.

Second, ice cream. If the crowds of young-looking students swarming your classes are any indication that ADOCH is happening right now, then that also means the ice cream social will be happening tonight! Although we can’t really condone this (but who are we kidding), it’s probably the best/most successful chance you’ll have at creating your very own false identity while having a tasty dessert. With your newfound talent for Chinese calligraphy (but you can’t do it outdoors) and your U.S. Orienteering championship, convince pre-frosh that Brown is the better Ivy, and that the weather here is always this good.

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