Breakfast with Buddy

It came to our attention that some fools on campus thought our inaugural Breakfast with Buddy post was fake. That we had a meal put together and photographed. That we were lying to you. That we had betrayed our blah blah… you know the drill.

To the haters we have only this to say: you don’t got no swag until you’ve worn a suit to breakfast. Haters gon’ hate.

Calorie crunch:

  • Two slices of whole wheat toast, 100.
  • Yogurt, 80.
  • Grapefruit and banana, 120.

We also asked Buddy about his favorite restaurant in Providence, and he said, “Depends on what I am in the mood for!” Guess that means y’all better be on your best behavior during those 5 a.m. Loui’s runs…

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