Let’s get Fratty in the Ratty

Just when you thought Spring Weekend couldn’t get any more exciting — BAM! — we’re about to throw another winning element into the mix. First announced last week via Facebook, the Greek Council will be sponsoring a night of getting Fratty in the Ratty this Saturday, to help fill that awkward time between when the concerts end and you haven’t quite rallied to rage (yet again).

For the first time ever (we think), the Ratty will be opened from 9–11 the Saturday night of Spring Weekend to provide the ecstatic drunk masses with free food, non-alcoholic drinks (read: mixers), and a little post-concert pump-up music courtesy of DJ A-BE. No need to worry about being off meal plan — the event will be open to all students and guests, including those RISD hamsters.

The only thing that could make this better would be shotgunning a beer with Gail. Does anyone have a keeeeeey?

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