Post- Magazine’s Spring Weekend guide

Post- Magazine’s Spring Weekend guide hits newsstands today. In addition to our usual artist profiles, you’ll find features on BCA and roaming freshmen, a binge-drinking-themed board game, an interview with Dave Binder (who doesn’t like our binge drinking as much as we thought), and a guide to staying classy (and/or trashy) from Thursday to Sunday. Copies will be available at the Ratty, Faunce, J. Walter Wilson, and other locations around campus. After the jump, an excerpt from “Spring Weekend Memories.”

Freshman year: my first and last experience with a foam party. I neither had the appropriate attire (bikini top and shorts in brisk 40-degree weather), nor was I adequately intoxicated (I was very, very drunk). There I was, waist deep in foam, in my soaked jeans and a soiled top, trying to stay upright amid the drunken mix of Brown society waffling around me. Music was playing, so my friend and I shifted our hips in a way to suggest dancing. This primal movement apparently attracted the attention of a very short, strange man-boy, who maneuvered towards us. We moved away as quickly as one can in a sea of sticky foam. Moments later, disaster struck. “My flip-flop!” I dreaded the thought of reaching under the bubbles. I had written off my shoe as lost when our small-statured friend showed up. Before I knew what was what, he’d taken a breath and dived under, returning triumphantly with the missing flip flop. Perhaps the gallant knight expected a token for his sacrifice, a peck on his foam-covered head, but I could only thank him profusely and hope that he was satisfied with his random act of kindness. Jane Brendlinger ’13, Managing Editor of Lifestyle

Thursday afternoon, I buzzed with excitement (and a sugar high from massive amounts of free cotton candy) as I bounced from the SPEC carnival to Fiction I, the last class I would attend before the festivities began. The whole class was antsy, flipping through Kafka halfheartedly as sunshine streamed through the J. Walter Wilson windows. Our TA, a supremely mellow individual who started off each class with incense and celebrated the end of the semester by bringing us pizza and beer, kicked back in his chair, took a deep breath, and proceeded to give us some words of wisdom. Advice to make us better writers and, he claimed, better human beings. “Just do everything,” he said. We nodded along — life experience makes for writing material, we’d heard the spiel before. But this was not your typical lecture: He then proceeded to tell us that we should be spending our time drinking as much as possible, having plentiful and imaginative sex, and doing hallucinogens to “open our minds.” He later claimed that the timing was serendipitous, that he had no idea he was telling us to be heathens on the most debaucherous weekend of the year. But regardless, we took his timely advice to heart. As the weekend proceeded (in a very satisfactory fashion — take that, Spring Weekend 2009!), I bumped into several of my classmates in various states of sobriety. And with knowing smiles, we congratulated each other: “I see you’re doing your homework. S with distinction for you.” Jen Harlan ’12, Lifestyle Editor

For more memories from that weekend in April, pick up a copy of Post- today and turn to page 12.

Illustration: Caroline Washburn.

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