State of the City: Callista Gingrich and an elephant!

Owen Patrick Kennedy, son of former Rhode Island congressman Patrick Kennedy, was born Sunday and released from the hospital yesterday, destined for a path of political greatness. According to media reports, the young future president slept through his first press conference, an apparent attack on what the 2-day-old today called “the media’s polarizing and irresponsible behavior over the last three years of Obama’s presidency.”

Anthony Gemma, famous for his fictional “yo momma” fight with Congressman David Cicilline ’83 last week, has officially announced his candidacy challenging Cicilline for the Democratic nomination in the race to represent Lil Rhody’s first congressional district in D.C. In his announcement, Gemma told Cicilline his “campaign is so weak, [his] grandmother’s super PAC could raise more money than him.” In response, Cicilline mocked Gemma, saying he “couldn’t understand why a man [he] beat so badly two years ago would want a rematch.” He added, “Unless of course he just wants to see firsthand how a congressman makes a grown man cry.” (Source: Wikipedia)

Newt Gingrich’s wife Callista was spotted campaigning for her husband in a library in East Providence yesterday. Sitting next to someone dressed as an elephant, the national animal of the United States (maybe?), the First Lady-hopeful read to local children from her own children’s book, called Sweet Land of Liberty. Though we at BlogDailyHerald have not read the book — it shockingly hasn’t been assigned in any of our classes — we presume the title of the book is referring to the moon, the Gingrichs’ favorite destination.

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