The 12 Apps of Spring Weekend: Preparations

So right now, you use your phone for texting and calling, checking up on friends every so often, and doodling random words when you’re bored in class. What about listening to music, following the news, or all those other uses that phone companies cite in their advertisements? Isn’t it about time you get the most out of Siri and all her magic? Although it may not seem like it, Spring Week is actually the perfect time to bring your phone up to its fullest potential, because you’ll actually be using it more than you think.

First off, you’ll want to know instantly when the Spring Weekend artists drop their newest tracks, make reference to their upcoming visit, or announce where they’ll be DJing the afterparty. With the now ubiquitous Twitter (Apple / Android / Blackberry / Windows), you get all of these and much, much more. Virtually everyone has an account these days, and by starring your favorite accounts, you can receive notifications/alerts when a new tweet comes out. And although the BCA has already tweeted what we wanted to know, they’ll likely be posting updates on the concert days for delays more detailed time schedules.

Second, although you’ve been listening to a playlist on your laptop, you’ve longed for a way to take it with you, since Grooveshark and Spotify require you to pay for that service. Never fear, Hype Machine (Apple / Android / Windows) is here, giving you access to thousands of music blogs and popular songs at your fingertips. The site aggregates all the songs that blogs randomly post and gives you “most popular” playlists so you can find out what the hottest tracks are right now, usually before most people even know about them. Search for SW artists and listen to their most popular/recent songs on the go.

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Finally, to ensure that you can enjoy both of these apps endlessly, consider Find My iPhone (Apple) and Lookout (Android) to locate your phone if it ever were to get lost. Although the calling-and-making-everyone-be-quiet-for-a-sec method has worked alright in the past, take advantage of the fact that we live in the 21st century — the GPS on your phone should serve some purpose. Although it won’t save it from water/foam/trampling damage, it’ll come in handy when you get to Binder Sunday and you have no idea where it could possibly be.

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    JULIEN i still don’t know how to make the most of siri and all her magic. halp

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