The 12 Foods/Drinks of SW: Party time


This also works with Andre

Spring Week is here for real. (In case you had any doubt, the weather provided a hint.) There’s just one final piece of the puzzle still missing: parties. But all of that changes tomorrow night, with Whisco. It’s time for some celebration, and here’s the perfect way to do it:

You want to start the night off classy, even if you’ll be ending up at a place that “totally blows.” With some bubbly, you celebrate the fitness/pool center’s grand opening, which also somehow coincides with you finishing your paper due early next week and succeeding in the housing lottery. Whether you’ve actually visited the new center yet or not is unimportant (although we do highly recommend it). The main thing is you and your friends all deserve some fun, and it’s got to start somewhere, right?

Next on your Spring Week marathon, the classy classic Wednesday tradition: FishCo’s legendary Fish Piss shots. Back in the day, these tasteful little shooters cost a mere buck (or so it seemed), and were the perfect way to keep the grinding dancing going. Although no one ever knew (and never will know… RIP) what they contained, the easiest way to recreate them at home is by combining all delicious drinks into one — how could that possibly go wrong?

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