Furby spends a night abroad at URI

Furby is obviously a campus celeb, so it wasn’t surprising that he was invited to ride in style to last night’s Avicii concert at the University of Rhode Island. Although Furby is a big fan of Brown’s Spring Week, the little guy needed a change of scenery (read: Kingston, RI) in order to appreciate Spring Week all the more.

Furby pregames the pregame with some Cuervo and lime.

Furby does it big on the party bus.

 Furby makes new friends! He was bummed he left his neon spandex at home.

Being little has its advantages! Furby sneaks up to the front of the pack in General Admission.

Furby even ran into fellow Brunonians!

The night ended when Furby was escorted out by security for rowdy behavior.

The next morning, Furby’s wristband was the only reminder of his crazy night in Kingston.

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