The 12 Foods/Drinks of SW: Munchies

OMG Want.

So it’s now officially the first day of Spring Weekend, which means you’re furiously trying to cram… every single Childish Gambino lyric possible so you can impress all your friends tonight. But you know what’s better than working/going to class? Relaxing on the Main Green with a large crowd of people seems like an easy answer. Adding to that some semi-legalized smoking, the choice is pretty obvious. And if you put in some tasty cookies, there really isn’t anything more you could ask for.

Pro tip: bake them yourself, and bake them fresh. When the clock strikes 3, start a basic recipe like this one. At 3:45, pop a sheet in the oven and prepare another one. Take the first one out at 3:55 and turn the oven off, leaving the second sheet out and ready to go. Make the trek to Main Green at 4:00. When you come back, immediately turn on the oven and bake round 2. Savor.

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