A Million Words: Highlights from Gambino’s Spring Weekend set

By the time Childish Gambino got on stage, I was a bit of a mess. I had four whole key limes in my purse and was wearing a balloon animal hat, or as I had requested: “a head thing with all the colors but also has a dog on it.” I had lost my group of friends, and I was feeling alone and confused and thirsty and dejected. But when Childish started rapping “Freaks and Geeks,” all that ceased to matter. The DTau bros next to me? The couple inappropriately sucking each other’s faces off behind me? They all became my friends when the crowd was screaming: “YEAH THAT’S POETRY IN MOTION.” Thanks, Art House Sixty, for capturing some of the energy of the best night of my life.

Though I do wish I had found my friend (and Blog columnist) Remy in the crowd. Apparently she “sensually squeezed” his bicep.

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