6 places we wish The Glitch Mob played on Saturday night

In case you missed it, what seemed like about one-fifth of the student body (if you don’t believe me, check the picture below) stalked the Glitch Mob across campus on Saturday night after their killer Spring Weekend mix. Much to the Bro-Po’s chagrin, the LA trio was pretty insistent on getting an after-party in somewhere, leading to a cat-and-mouse chase from Meeting to Charlesfield and back.

No books.

Though it certainly beat any real or imagined Biltmore suite Ciroc-fueled orgy with Diddy & entourage, we do think the Glitch Mob missed some spots on campus — some better protected from the police, some just plain awesome. Here are six places where we think they might have been able to play a set for longer than 20 minutes:

1. The Keeney Tunnels. Frankly, given the vigilance of the police, this seemed to be just about the only safe place on campus.

2. The 4th Floor of the SciLi. Just in case someone missed the whole “No Books” memo. And the overly ergonomic chairs and harsh fluorescents might actually work well as a space to rock out to “Drive it Like You Stole it.”

3. The Underground. The Glitch Mob couldn’t up their East Coast indie cred better if they tried.

4. Wayland Arch. Because we want to know what The Glitch Mob sounds like a cappella, though the still-rolling audience might not have been too into what would undoubtedly have been either some otherworldly beat-boxing or a John Cage cover:


5. Meehan. Not.

6. Fratty in the Ratty. Because, frankly, only their arrival could have made that event a more surreal, Twilight Zone-esque experience.

Rumor is that The Glitch Mob are in fact still hiding above Johnny Rockets waiting for the coast to clear so they can fly home. In the meanwhile, can someone in BCA please pass this list of venues on to them?

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