I eyed you… responding to an important student need.

As reading period approaches, a word of advice to those kidding themselves trying to avoid new forms of procrastination: Beware the Eyeds of Brown!

The correct grammar is appreciated, really, but why isn't it, "Whom did you eye?"

The latest campus anonymous site Eyed at Brown is truly a sight for sore eyes, or at least for those wishing for a Spotted at Brown replacement. Despite its kind of weird name — seriously, what’s wrong with Seen or Sighted or even Noticed at Brown? — and somewhat creepy eye URL icon, E@B is already  racking up a promising collection of posts, not to mention its comments feature (which for some reason automatically posts your city location), lack of censors, and clean, minimalist design. No search function or polls yet, but hopefully Eyed will be less prone to spamming and hacking, so we can all express ourselves online in peace. Or something.

Happy eying!

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    can someone fix the e@b link?

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