SPONSORED: Parents, immortalize your senior in the Commencement Magazine!

If you're lucky, someone like Morgan Freeman might look at your photo

Hey seniors! What’s better than graduating? Graduating with your picture splashed all over the pages of a full-color glossy magazine. The Brown Daily Herald is getting ready to create its annual specialty publication, giving the families of soon-to-be alums the chance to publish their child’s most embarrassing picture for the entire graduating class to see. “They do it because they love you” is the excuse you’ll likely hear.

Hey parents! Full info and rates can be found here. To reserve a space in the magazine for your child, contact The BDH by phone at 401-351-3260 or by email at advertising@browndailyherald.com. Hurry, these spots get snapped up quickly! Alternatively, hand $50 in non-consecutive bills to a Blog editor and we’ll spray paint your kid’s name on University Hall.

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