(The Best of) Gloria Steinem: In Her Own Words

Did you see Gloria Steinem hanging out in the Blue Room? Monday’s event “An Evening with Gloria Steinem” featured a screening of the new HBO documentary “Gloria: In Her Own Words” followed by a conversation between President Simmons and Steinem. The documentary acts as a biography of Steinem’s life, successes and trials, as well as an account of the history of women’s liberation and feminist movements in America.

In her talk, Steinem spoke about some of her first real experiences with gender inequality, such as when she moved to New York and was told she couldn’t rent an apartment on her own because the only women able to support themselves financially were probably hookers. As Steinem says in the film, women at the time didn’t feel they had a right to be equal or angry. But that slowly began to change, and Steinem was a key player in the still-ongoing fight for women’s equality.

For those of you unable to attend, Blog rounded up the top ten best Steinem quotes and moments of the night. Some warrant laughs, some sighs and others snaps (of which the audience gave many):

  1. Steinem: “[Ruth and I] are going to spend the rest of the time thanking each other.”
  2. “I escaped to India for two reasons. The first was because I was engaged.”
  3. “If you want change, you have to be the change.”
  4. “Change is like a tree, and it doesn’t start from the top.”
  5. “When will we no longer be commenting on [female politicians’] clothes?”
  6. Steinem repeating a story a friend once told her: “She’d been married to one Marxist and one fascist, and neither took the garbage out!”
  7. “Pick what needs to be done and do it. It will keep going from there. And it’s fun!”
  8. “Empathy is the most revolutionary emotion.”
  9. “I think we ought to be able to look however we ****ing well please and be taken seriously!”
  10. President Simmons high-fives Steinem.

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  1. brunonian

    ruth said #5, not steinem

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