Study break of the day: Where does BuzzFeed get its adorable animal pics?

But where do you come from, pensive dog?! (J-play, this one's credited.)

In honor of reading period’s kickoff, we are making the transition from time-wasters to study breaks. Same deal, just more of them (and a different name). Good luck studying (and breaking)!

Reading period is not a happy time. You’re still attempting to relive Spring Weekend by immersing yourself in Community, the beautiful warmth of Spring Week seems to have gone for good — hell, you still can’t get over the fact Spring Week ended. The last thing you want to do is study for finals. Luckily, BuzzFeed has racked up production on their cute animal lists, just in time for reading period. (Was this planned? Is it a coincidence? Ask these existential animals.) In dark times like these, you don’t question where these pictures of animals, who are clearly concerned about your well being, came from. Despite BuzzFeed’s good intentions for improving your day, one journalist from The Atlantic raised an eyebrow to BuzzFeed’s uncredited pictures. He went straight to the head honcho of BuzzFeed, Jonah Peretti, to find out where BuzzFeed gets its cute but uncredited pictures from. The full interview can be found here. But (spoiler alert!) the answer should not come as a shock: They get a lot of their uncredited content from Tumblr, Pinterest, and 4chan, where copyright infringement doesn’t exist (or rather, users are protected by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act), and is just a figment of that rude Anon‘s imagination. But it’s okay, this chihuahua promises to “make everything better.”

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