The top 5 obscure reasons to see The Avengers

After attending the midnight premiere of this long-awaited movie, I was a liiiiittle surprised there weren’t more people dressed up, ready to protect their seats and popcorn from pesky neighbors. But the movie itself had everything I hoped for: Samuel L. Jackson being awesome, a handful of action scenes, and comical bickering between the heroes. Like all of the Marvel films, The Avengers will certainly fill your thirst for action. (At least until this beauty comes out in July.) But there are other reasons to see it! I thus present to you the top five obscure reasons to see The Avengers:

5. Who doesn’t love superheroes? Also, let’s not forget that 4/4 of these Avengers are attractive. (C’mon, Mark Ruffalo can be attractive.) In order to fully appreciate today’s heroes, I recommend comparing them to those in the 1978 version of The Avengers here.

4. Watch real science in action. Confused? Read this article and learn about the actual powers behind Captain America’s shield and Thor’s lightning.

3. Robert Downey, Jr. as Tony Stark never gets old. Neither do his sly comments throughout the film.

2. Even though she doesn’t receive too much camera time, Cobie Smolders, aka Robin from HIMYM, looks stunning.

1. Find out if Stan Lee makes one of his infamous cameos.

Additionally, don’t forget how Marvel works: There’s always a special treat during/after the credits. I’ll let you decide how long you should stay.

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  1. Don Heck

    Stan Lee is a shit. Boycott the Avengers. Long live the King!

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