Pinkberry to open at Providence Place Mall

Pinkberry, the frozen yogurt franchise from Los Angeles, is opening this summer at the Providence Place Mall. For those of you whose first exposure to froyo was on Thayer Street, Pinkberry first opened in 2005 and, following its success and spread to the East Coast, competitors responded to the froyo sensation by opening other froyo chains and independent Pinkberry knock-offs… hence, Juniper on Thayer (once again: Sorry, Juniper).

The store hopes to open by July 12, according to Brian Galvin, who handles Pinkberry’s public relations. He also asked in an email to BlogDailyHerald what we’d think of a potential Pinkberry on Thayer. While we’re not making any promises, FroyoWorld and Juniper might face some neighborly competition soon.

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  1. Jailene Rivera

    Hey , I spoke to the head manager I suppose her name is Debbi & I’ve talked to her like 6 months ago about this job posting I’m trying to work there I’m wondering how to apply ?

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