Chucking up the deuces

We’ve returned all of our library books to the stacks (on stacks on stacks); we’ve left our shining city on a hill for (slightly) more pre-professional pursuits; and the class of 2012 has walked through Van Wickle Gates. Reality sets in: Summer is now upon us. And while BlogDH may not be able to provide you with time-wasters for procrastinating at your summer job (we need to look good, too!), don’t go too far — we will post periodically throughout the summer to satisfy all your cravings for life in Brunonia and the glorious PVD.

We offer heartfelt congratulations to all of the graduating seniors on our staff, and to our current editor-in-chief and current deputy managing editor, Jenny Bloom ’12 and Talia Kagan ’12, respectively. Not to worry — we have succession plans lined up.

Next semester, current managing editor and BlogDH’s longest serving editor, Matt Klimerman ’13, will be taking the reins as editor-in-chief. Meredith Bilski ’14, your girl for all random chickflick movie trivia, shall take over the managing editor position, and Seth Kleinschmidt ’13, Buddy Cianci’s number one fan, will continue to kill it (and flog) in his role as deputy managing editor. Joining the current BlogDH editorial team are our two new deputy managing editors, Will Janover ’15 and Ariel Pick ’13. Rounding out the board is Jason Hu ’15, who, owing to his extreme creativity, will be taking on the role of creative director. We could not be more excited that these three will be joining the editorial squad, and we are sure that each individual will bring his/her creativity and wit to the table… although we ask Will to refrain from breaking exit signs in Keeney.

This semester, we’ve worked hard to serve as a voice for the student body and as a complement to daily life at Brown. Each and every member of our very, very attractive team listed on our masthead is integral in creating the content and posts that (we hope) you like… in real life and on Facebook. We’d also be remiss if we neglected to mention the webmaster, Neal Poole ’13, who is actually the best thing to have ever happened to anyone ever.

In true end-of-the-semester fashion, we also want to thank you all for your unwavering support, feedback, and readership. This publication’s growth — especially in the last semester — is due entirely to the interest from our readers, from you. We’ve had a ridiculously great time this semester: from BlogDailyGerald to The Blog webseries, all of our content has been designed with you in mind. And as we look ahead to fall 2012, we can’t stress enough how invaluable your feedback is. Tweet at us, shoot us an email (blog(at)browndailyherald(dot)com), or write to us on Facebook. Call us, maybe. Drop a line to let us know what you like/don’t like about BlogDH and/or what you would like to see more of in the semesters to come. On a similar note, if you would like to be a part of BlogDH in the semesters to come, please let us know. We will do a formal recruitment process at the beginning of next semester, but if you’re interested, shoot us an email, and we’ll make sure we get an application to you.

The irony of a school-centered blog is that it serves to unite people around creating a virtual world. However, that virtual world reflects a place we share in real form. It serves to create awareness of the Providence campus we cohabitate. In teaching others to see what they have taken for granted, we bring minutiae to light, glorifying the little things and using aggrandizements just for funzies — to experiment with grammar, words, and ideas. In our words, we don’t have to be the future leaders of America or grungy freeloaders “experimenting” with drugs in their glory days. We are simply 18 to 22, entering, learning, and leaving a school. But only after we have dissected it to pieces.

Until next semester, deuces, Brunonia.


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