While we’ve been out…

Sorry for partying.

Seriously. In true Brown fashion, we’ve been enjoying every second of summer break thus far. Working hard and playing hard, rinse and repeat. But between coffee runs, long hours, data entry, and other time-consuming tasks (#internproblems), we can only do so much; there have been a few news pieces that, had we been in production, we would have shared with y’all. Again, sorry for partying. So here’s a quick rundown of some relevant happenings and important tidbits of information to keep you in the know about all things Brunonia.

FOOTBALL: This upcoming season, Brown’s football team will play two games that will be broadcast on national television, including a game under the lights against Harvard on September 22nd.  Let’s see if Brown State can kick into full gear again and earn a rowdy victory over our nerdy rivals.  In other football news, Brown has decided to rename the Joseph V. Paterno ’50 Football Coaching Chair and The Joe Paterno Outstanding Male Freshman Athlete Award.

RUTH: Brown’s former President (weird) popped up in the news recently: In a not very “Brown” move,  Ruth joined Princeton’s board of trustees and Chrysler’s board of directors.  But don’t worry — even though our girl is going back to Princeton, she’ll still be pulling for us.  In an interview with BlogDailyPrincetonian, Ruth was asked about where her allegiances lie…

Q: Alright, so now that you’re on the Princeton Board of Trustees, to where is your primary allegiance: to Brown or to Princeton?

A: [Laughter] That’s the first question I was asked at Brown — where will my allegiance be when there’s a game between Princeton and Brown. I’m still associated with Brown as a president emerita — so I’ll be pulling for Brown.

Damn straight.

MOVIES: Remember The Marriage Plot, that novel by Jeffrey Eugenides ’83 set at Brown that was eerily similar to our daily lives? Well, there’s talk that it’s being made into a movie. Even better? There’s speculation that Greg Mottola, the brains behind Superbad, will be writing it. In this film, we anticipate that a McLovin-type will make the trip down to Darwin’s to buy some basic necessities for the fraternities’ “theme parties.”

Speaking of movies, Rhode Island-filmed Moonrise Kingdom is out and is one of the best and most adorable movies of the year. And if the preceding review isn’t good enough for you, you should know that the film earned a 94% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, where it was described as “[w]arm, whimsical, and poignant.” Boom.

LIL’ RHODY: Curt Schilling, a former Red Sox pitcher, was given a $75 million loan from the Rhode Island development agency to lure his video gaming company, 38 Studios, to the Ocean State from Massachusetts back in 2010. Just when you thought the state’s financial woes couldn’t get any worse, last month the company went bankrupt and laid off its workers. Although the responsibility to pay off the $75 million would typically fall on the state’s residents, the state backed 38 Studios’ bonds with a “moral obligation,” meaning they are not legally bound to do so. This means that the state can default on the loan if it so chooses… but Governor Chafee, Rhode Island’s Bob the Builder if you will, has expressed his moral obligation to find a way to pay off the debt. Can we fix it? Yes we can!

PROFS WHO DO COOL THINGS, PHYSICS EDITION: Back in the tumultuous ’60s, Brown professors Gerald Guralnik (the Chancellor’s Professor of Physics at the time), Carl Hagen and Tom Kibble completed research that gave rise to a theory of a Higgs mechanism that gives particles mass. For about 50 years, scientists have set out to prove that a Higgs mechanism in fact exists; earlier this month, four crazily smart and awesome Brown professors — Greg Land, Meenakshi Narain, Ulrich Heintz, and David Cutts — confirmed the Higgs theory at the CERN particle accelerator lab in Geneva, Switzerland. Rack it up, Brown Physics. Killin’ it for 50 years and counting.

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