BlogDH Explains Orientation: The Ice Cream Social

So, you’ve moved in and unpacked your Tide to go and blue tape. You’ve kicked your parents out of your dorm. You’ve had your first tepid, overly-peppy and accommodating conversation with your roommate. Congratulations on (sort of) starting college! Now it’s time to actually interact with at least a small percentage of the 1,500+ people who are your classmates. Daunting? We know; we’ve all been there.

Luckily, the University sets up an event for us to make easing into college life even more forced and awkward: there’s a Class of 2016 “Meet and Greet” on the Main Green tonight at 10:00 p.m. Icebreakers, ice cream, and volleyball (?) await all those who can actually get to the Green (hopefully you can find it in the dark on your first night at school).

It’s right there.

We imagine this is probably a bit different from whatever Natty-fueled rager you imagined for your first night, — that honestly probably won’t stop some 2016ers from pre-gaming anyway  — but it’s still a really good chance to meet your new classmates. Some upperclassmen might even crash for the free food. We love free food. The weirdly self-aware Orientation Packet advises you to dress for warm weather, because “in Providence, you never know how long the weather will last!” They’re not kidding, but more on that in the fall.

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