All hail autumn: Why fall at Brown is awesome

Sometimes it stops raining and campus looks pretty. Sometimes.

There’s something about a new school year that’s always going to be exciting. If summer has to end, it might as well end with us returning to a place we love, right? Here are some reasons why you should be pumped for autumn in Brunonia:

1. The unspoken dress code. The first week of school will still feel like summer, and it will look like summer, too – expect an abundance of sundresses, bro tanks, and flip-flops. But by mid-September, it’ll seem like someone sent a campus-wide signal from the top of the SciLi alerting us to dress for fall. We’ve got one word for you: scarves.

2. The food. Pumpkin muffins in the Blue Room. The return of the weekly farmer’s market on Wriston. Spiked apple cider. You’re probably not sick of Ratty food yet. Need we say more?

3. There’s a whole new class of freshmen. It’s fun to have a nice, big group of new people on campus, whether you’re looking to befriend them or “befriend” them. By November they won’t be new faces anymore, but for now we can still get a kick out of first-years asking for directions to the “Sciences Library.”

4. Fall isn’t Providence’s rainy season. If you’re new around here and don’t believe that, just wait and see.

5. The events. The first few months of fall semester are jam-packed with things to do, regardless of what you’re into. A cappella is everywhere during orientation and Family Weekend. There are concentration and activities fairs that can prove useful no matter what year you are. And if you feel like partying, the fall months are home to both Halloweek and SPG.

6. Going back to the theme of weather, temperature changes happen nice and slowly during fall semester. Enjoy being jacket-less and spending time outside as the temperature quietly moves into the 70s and then the 60s… it’s much more pleasant than “spring” semester’s months of below-zero slush with two weeks of summer tacked onto the end.

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