BlogDH Explains Orientation: The Freshman Dance

Freshman orientation should ideally be a time of grace and poise, but this façade is too often lost somewhere between your second and third Karkov-cranberry. So, as you gather with other anxious first-year students from across the globe, what could be more fitting than a tropical themed dance?! “We’re all dressed in silly outfits! Isn’t this like the most fun!  This is just like what I read about!”

An essential stepping stone in the process of initiation into Brown student life, the Annual Freshman Orientation Dance is no time for goofing off, and you better bring your A-game. Although classes haven’t started yet, important life decisions are definitely about to be made. In order to help you kill it, we’ve compiled a helpful list of “Dos and Don’ts” to adhere to so that you can make a stellar first impression on your new peers. Check it out after the jump.

When you are getting dressed:

  • DO dress up.  This is a pretty easy one to get dressed up for.  We’d bet that a sizeable portion of the male froshies have convinced themselves at some point this summer that they actually looked good in that short-sleeved Hawaiian button-down shirt (Ed- Too true).  And girls, we get that you’re still sporting your summer bods and you want to show them off, but you don’t want to be that girl who shows up scantily clad in coconut bra and hula skirt. Trust us, people will remember.
  • DON’T wear socks under your sandals. We get it: Somehow this look has become trendy…in California. Welcome to the PVD. Those biker gangs that hang out on Thayer will never let you live it down. Respect the leather
  • DO wear a decent amount of clothing. Lollapalooza , Bonnaroo, and Coachella are in the past, so you’ve had multiple opportunities to wear just a bathing suit in public. At this point, the desire to bare more than a little bit of midriff should be out of your system (seriously, for your sake. Believe us). If you do, however, plan on sporting some swimming attire, be sure to compliment it with pieces of actual clothing as well. For extra points, consider a bathing cap… or even some floaties. Staying afloat and surviving orientation, y’all.

 When you are pre-gaming:

  • DO be responsible.  We aren’t trying to be your mother, but there are many, many, many nights of college, and this is a great opportunity to make new friends (and actually remember them tomorrow).

 When you are actually at the dance:

  • DO study up on your dance crazes: the Dougie (even McKayla Maroney is doing it!), the Bernie, the John Wall, etc. Even those retro ones that you make fun of your parents for dropping on the dance floor are fair game, like the Sprinkler, the Lawn Mower, and the Shopping Cart. The Electric Slide? Totally acceptable. You can pantomime anything, really. With moves like these, you’re sure to make a splash (excuse the pun).
  • DO chat to those who also dressed like tacky tourists. That’s what is so great about a theme: you can establish common ground! There’s so much to talk about… like why everybody was so excited to put on those Hawaiian shirts, how everyone reminds you of your dad on a cruise, or what a good idea it was to use coconut sunscreen as perfume or cologne.
Last, but not least…
  • DO Actually go. The dance may not be Fall Concert, but it’ll sure get the juices flowing, help you get better oriented, and give you the opportunity meet tons of amazing people who look and feel just as ridiculous as you do.

With these words of wisdom, you’re sure to dive in head first to a fun and successful first year at Brown.


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