BCA details Fall Concert ticket information

3 easy steps to rage with these guys.

The Brown Concert Agency has made a few changes to the ticketing process for the Fall Concert as a “test run” to avoid the potential website crash that has accompanied the purchase of Spring Weekend tickets in the past. Tickets for the September 15th show will be going on sale this Friday (tomorrow) for $12.

Here’s the new system:

1. Make sure you’re logged into your Brown email. Then click on a Google Form link. Enter your name and email address into the form.

2.  You’ll then get an email with a “secret code” (!).

3. Go to BSA Marketplace and buy the Fall Concert ticket.

According to BCA, the idea behind the switch — if it does in fact happen for Spring Weekend — is to divert the massive rush of traffic their site used to get and direct it instead to Google’s far more capable servers. The servers then use the gap of time between a student’s entering of his/her information and his/her receipt of the secret code to “stagger” the traffic on BSA Marketplace.

The first 520 students to sign up on the Google Form get spots at the Fall Concert rain or shine. Assuming the latter, another 1,000 will be able to attend the concert, which, weather permitting, will take place on Simmons Quad. If it rains, the show will move to Alumnae Hall.

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