Time-waster of the day: September 6, 2012

Pinterest, that photo site that my friends promise is a “girl thing,” has been clogging up my Facebook news feed for a while now. And we all know that both Pinterest and Instagram are just SO EASY TO MAKE FUN OF. “Hi, here is another picture of a bowl of fruit and/or a city skyline (bonus points for both in one shot) taken with an overly saturated with a cool name like ‘Earlybird.'” If this is how you feel about these websites, you’ll definitely enjoy a little parody from the Twitter Pictureless Pinterest. It’s exactly what it sounds like. Some gems include, “a labradooble with a bow tie is the ring bearer at a wedding,” “quirky bride wears cowboy boots under her dress,” and “guacamole in a stone bowl.”

SO quirky.

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