Freshmen: Welcome to Whisko

Ahh. We’ve survived a week of classes. It’s been a rough week, especially for the froshies. We trekked through the thunderstorms, sat in humid classes, smelled like wet dog, and ended our days completely confused and frustrated with our academic futures. Time for bed?

Naaah, let’s just go and get blackout drunk.

Enter Whiskey Republic, formerly known as Fish Co., the hole-in-the-wall sports bar located on the waterfront of Providence on Wickenden Street. You may have gone last week. You may not remember going last week. But this is the first real Whisko—the one with less people and shorter lines. The one that we’ll all enjoy.

For those you not familiar with the concept of Whisko Wednesdays, you’re in for a treat. It’s a time of mass exodus for girls in skimpy dresses and five inch heels. They totter towards cabs, or trek down Benefit Street to arrive at their destination on Wickenden (Ed.-Not Duck & Bunny). They prepare for a night of dancing, libations, and debauchery. Fun, right?

18+ to enter, “21+” to drink (duh).

For those of you attending, make sure to wear your skankiest clothing and be prepared to pole dance next to the polluted beautiful shore of Providence. Just don’t shop a 9 a.m class. And please don’t get EMSed.

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