What’s Bear Bucks?

The transition from declining balance to Bear Bucks may at first seem just as confusing as Keeney becoming the nicest dorm on campus. In reality though, it’s really not that different the same thing.

Blog investigated and found out that you can use Bear Bucks anywhere on campus and for your laundry. The money left on your card rolls over from year to year and is refunded following graduation.

You can add money to your account at the cashier’s office, located on the second floor of the Brown Office Building above the bookstore, or at “Value Point” machines, located at the Rock, SciLi, CIT, Jo’s, the Bookstore, Emery-Woolley Hall, 22 Richmond Street, and the Stephen Robert ’62 Campus Center.

Bottom Line: If you hate change, you’re in luck. Bear Bucks is just declining balance with a catchier name.

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