This weekend, do Nothing Productive!

This quote represents half of the applications Brown receives each year.

And you thought The Blog was good?  Pack in more webseries madness by witnessing the series finale of College Hill’s other silver screen haven of Brunonians and mischief, Nothing Productive.  Join the cast and crew Saturday at 8 p.m. at Kassar Fox Auditorium for a marathon showing of this season’s first four episodes, ending with the earth-shattering (seriously) fifth and final show. Written and directed by Kate Doyle ’12, Nothing Productive deals with such eternal human questions as: will our eight beloved characters ever manage to make their lives cohere? Will they sacrifice multiple animals, or just one paper crane? Will something…anything…be produced? It’s complete anarchy, but with cupcakes! (Plus, The Blog stars Nicholas Morley ’13 and Austen Hyde ’14 will dance across the screen tonight! #crosspollination.)

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