Designing a Better World, for the fifth year

A Better World By Design? What’s that!? Well, curious party…for anybody who has been to campus, A Better World By Design is just one of the many reasons a bunch of strangers flock to Brown and make just about everything more crowded. But for those involved, the conference is an opportunity “to make the world better through the power of design thinking.”

Many groups at Brown float the words “conversation” and “dialogue” around, but this three-day event takes them very seriously. Events throughout the conference are focused around the use of design, in whatever form it may take, to promote social responsibility on a global scale. Additionally, a representative for the group explains that this year’s conference is more “attendee-driven” than previous ones, with presentations that encourage activity and participation. Targeting both professionals and students, the Better World team hopes to facilitate collaboration and learning between participants, who will take these ideas back to their research, studies, business ventures and other projects.

This year’s most anticipated speaker is the Chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts, Rocco Landesman. He plans to discuss the intersection of arts and sciences, and Better World hopes that the speech will attract both Brown and RISD undergrads who may not otherwise attend. Another anticipated event is the Failure in Five series. In these short presentations, individuals—students, entrepreneurs, and other innovators—discuss a failure and the knowledge they took away from the experience. This seems pretty TED talky…and we know betches loooooove TED talks.

So, even if you aren’t planning on committing your weekend to attending each and every event, you may want to check out something at A Better World By Design. Since it’s student organized and designed (hehe), you can be sure that it won’t be too boring. The conference runs from today through Sunday, and a schedule and other info can be found here. So just remember kids, when you’re walking hungover to the Blue Room on Saturday, and you see a bunch of business casual tech guys walking into a building, they might be seeing something pretty, pretty, pretty cool.

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