The more you know: Rhode Island Edition

Procrastination is both a value and a vice. In order to make it productive, we’ve provided you with a few quick facts that you probably didn’t know. Learn a new thing every day in higher education with BlogDailyHerald.

Rhode Island never ratified the 18th Amendment. Huh? Prohibition? That’s right, chaps in Rhode Island still wanted to get drunk while their compatriots in other states opted to go dry. Rhode Islanders seemed to have had their priorities straight… even though most states ratified the amendment, and it was thus enforced nationwide.

Tennis and polo, that’s what Newport Rhode Island does. Not only is the Rhode Island the home of the Tennis Hall of Fame, but before there was the U.S. Open, there was the National Lawn Tennis Championship, which was held for the first time in Newport in 1881. Five years earlier in 1876, the first polo match ever played took place in Newport. Surprising? Not really.

Rhode Island’s Party (Come Get It).
 A group of Rhode Island Sons of Liberty were the first colonists to take military action against the British by sinking one their ships, “The Gaspee,” in Narragansett Bay in 1772. The leader of this assault on the “bloody backs”? None other than very own John Brown. Come at us, Boston Tea Party.

How many Rhode Islands? About 5,445 Rhode Islands would fit in Russia. Find out how many Rhode Islands would fit in other gargantuan countries.

Hope. We’re talking about Rhode Island’s motto—not about Obama’s 2008 campaign slogan—which is the shortest of any state’s. (We also hope you stop procrastinating and get back to studying for your midterms.)

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