Chatroulette comes to College Hill: Meet “Convos”

When I say Chatroulette, you say sketchy. The creepy folks of the internet (and be honest with yourself, you’re probably one of them) absolutely love the concept of being able to anonymously talk to random strangers without any personal accountability. Maybe it’s because we like being able to do and say whatever we want (and I mean whatever). Maybe it’s because we like being another person for a little while.

Regardless, now you can have random nameless/faceless conversations with other Brown students. Brown juniors (who wish to remain anonymous) have created the rapidly growing “Convos“. Just click the link and you can sign up via Facebook (you need to be in the Brown network, which is how it’s kept within Brunonia only) and input your phone number in order to receive a text from the service. From there, you get connected with another Brown student, who gets matched to you according to your Facebook interests. You’re told the gender, class year, and interests of your chat partner… and from there, it’s up to you. You can end the conversation or start an additional one (you can have more than one going) at any time.

So far, I’ve had three or four surprisingly pleasant conversations with some of the website’s 150+ users, including one where I convinced a freshman to change his concentration. I was actually a little disappointed: Everyone was weirdly normal. Where are the weirdos that I can make fun of to my friends?! This is Brown, damn it! We had an entire subreddit dedicated to our own nudity!

Let’s face it. It’s social roulette. You’ll probably eventually run into some guy Rick Rolling you or giving you a very strange proposition. But you might also meet some cool people. The creators have been told that some people have even exchanged contact info so they could talk further. (It’s also great for that weird situation in which you’re in an elevator with another person with whom you don’t want to make eye contact and you need someone to awkward text.)

So go forth and get creepy make friends!

Note: Convos won’t give out any personal information (e.g. your phone number), or post on your wall. Also, the creator recommends saving the Convos number in your phone so you can access the app at any time.

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