Weekend Update: Fall Break Edition

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend so far, whether you’re relaxing, catching up with family, or even partying your asses off visiting a friend at another school. Campus has been pretty quiet, but I can’t say there aren’t pros to having much of the student body away.  Here are some things that have made this long weekend a staycation of its own:

1)    No lines in the Blue Room, Ratty, or Jo’s.

2)    Availability of every type of machine and weight equipment in the Nelly.

3)    No wait for Sunday brunch at Loui’s.

4)    Unlimited access to the comfortable orange couches above the Blue Room (to read in? No, to nap in).

5)    Vacant laundry machines.

Long story short, we miss you guys, but we’re doing alright here, too.

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