(Campus)Lifehacker: Here’s when you’ll finally be warm

Last week, I was complaining about being too hot in the afternoons when the sun would randomly break out and render my sweater/jacket ensemble useless, but I am so apologetic now. We are set in the cold weather days—and the heating isn’t on in my room yet. I promise it is somehow colder inside my room than it is on the Main Green in the pouring rain. I come in and put on extra layers (read: hide in my duvet, thinking it is a good ‘workspace,’ and then nap).

For everyone who is also counting down the minutes until facilities turns on the heat in your dorm, this document will change your life: the Campus Heating Schedule. (It will also help you decide which classes you should not attend bring a sweater to.)

Luckily, I only have to wait one more week; my sympathies go out to the “Week ending in 10/19” dwellers.

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