Made-up Holidays: Hallie & Annie’s Birthday

You’d think that these identical foes would figure out they were siblings upon discovering that they both eat Oreos with peanut butter, even though everyone else thinks it’s gross. You’d also think they’d figure out they were twins when they realized that they would both be turning 12 on October 11th. But for these redheads in The Parent Trap, it takes one crinkly picture — “a little pathetic thing ripped right down the middle” (Right. down. the middle? Right. down. the middle.) — for them to put two and two together. They’re like, twins. Duh.

Hallie and Annie: your imperfect deductive reasoning skills circa 1998 are a window into Lindsay Lohan’s subsequent meltdowns and professional and personal failings, but you’re still the most lovable pair of (fake) twins to ever grace the silver screen. Happy 12th, gals.

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