BlogWeeklyJamz: “Apps this good, who’s got time to make friends?”

Indie – Lana Del Rey – Ride
Three and a half minutes of breathy existentialism, but then another genuinely beautiful song from the girl with the weird lips. Small Brown U.-style critique: the cultural appropriation of the Native American headress at 7:02.

Hip-Hop – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – A Wake (feat. Evan Roman)
Almost every song on their new album “The Heist” is fantastic, but this one in particular is incredibly relevant and talks about Reaganomics and Planned Parenthood and includes the line, “Apps this good, who’s got time to make friends?”

Pop – Ke$ha – Die Young
I’m a teeny bit late on this one, but COME ON. This video looks like someone vomited on a kaleidoscope (and honestly, being Ke$ha and all, it’s entirely possible).

Throwback – Yellowcard – Only One
When Nick and I broke up in freshman year of high school I bought three bags of gummy worms, watched The O.C., cried while clutching a stuffed pink monkey, and sang “Only One” through my snot. So, yeah, I’ve got some history with this song.

Jam of the Week – Solange – Losing You
Ok ok ok ok it’s Beyonce’s sister. But Solange can hold her own. She can wear a full orange suit in tropical weather. She can do a sexy mime dance. She can have no last name. I believe in you Solange!

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