Useless Rankings: Brown is number 1 when you “count what matters”

For all of you who actually care about college rankings, you shouldn’t. They’re arbitrary and irrelevant to your college experience. No matter how useless these rankings might be, however, it’s still nice to have some bragging rights over our fellow Ivy foes.

Behold, the most useless ranking of all time: Brown is the best college in the world according to Best 50 Colleges, an extremely credible sketchy website claiming to have a more comprehensive methodology than the typical college-ranking powerhouses. Supposedly, the site considers “important” aspects of college life in its “complex algorithm”: how many TAs a school has, whether or not it has professional chefs (they clearly haven’t been to the Gate), the size of the its dorm rooms, and how many famous people have gone there, among other things. Whether you buy into it or not, at least we beat Harvard. HA!

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