Navigating Family Weekend

If you haven’t noticed the masses of parents all over campus, you should know that today marks the beginning of Brown’s Annual Family Weekend. Whether your parents are flying across the country or just driving to College Hill, they’re very eager to see you. And, unlike when a friend visits on Spring Weekend, you need to actually plan what you’re going to do with your visitors for every second of these two days.

If your parents are driving here, don’t underestimate the speed at which they will arrive, like I did my freshman year. You don’t want to wake up to a “we’ll be outside your dorm in five minutes” text Saturday morning, unless of course one of your planned activities is having your family watch you swiffer your floor.

Instead of repeating my mistake, impress your family by having activities planned for the weekend. Check out some ways to maximize family time and keep your parents and siblings entertained during their visit to Brunonia after the jump.

  • A capella concerts are always popular on family weekend. Friday night, the Brown Derbies are performing with Badmaash, Brown’s South Asian Fusion dance team. The Ursa Minors also have a concert Friday evening. If your parents can’t get enough of a capella, the concerts continue on Saturday with the Higher Keys and Jabberwocks and Chattertocks concerts.
  • Dance performances are also a hit among parents. On Saturday, 10 dance groups are performing in their annual Movement Charity Dance Showcase. You can buy tickets at the door; all of the proceeds will go toward dance education at the Rhode Island School for the Deaf.
  • Let them schmooze with their own kind. Parents love talking to other parents, so consider taking them to a book reading at Hillel on Saturday at 4:30 p.m. Author Jeff Braun P’13 will read from The Secret of the Justa World War II novel, and answer questions.
  • Get off the Hill. Since campus and Thayer Street will undoubtedly get crowded, spend time with your family off the Hill. The Providence Place Mall is always a good option for shopping or seeing a movie. If you’re disappointed your family didn’t bring your pet for the weekend, consider taking a trip to The Roger Williams Zoo on Saturday or Sunday.
  • Eat good food. If your parents have a car, take advantage and be sure to eat somewhere other than Paragon.
  • Bunk with your fam. Lastly, enjoy staying at a hotel with your parents. I know many dorms have been re-vamped and Keeney even has flat-screen televisions, but there’s nothing like taking a shower without having to wear flip-flops.

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