Julie Bowen-osophy

Last night, in a Q&A moderated by Professor Lowry Marshall, Modern Family star Julie Bowen ’91 spoke about her acting career, her experience at Brown, and how her college education has impacted her perspective in both her professional pursuits and her life in general. While her co-star Ty Burrell, who plays Phil Dunphy on the hit show, has his own (nonsensical) golden nuggets of “Phil’s-osophy,” Julie Bowen showed us that she had her own bits of wisdom to impart.

Go abroad:  “As a blonde 20-year-old in Italy, you don’t have to pay for shit.”

Rock > SciLi:  “When I went here, you could smoke in A Level … Why would you go anywhere else? You were a flask away from an academic party.”

Don’t date an actor:  Julie explained that an ex-boyfriend, who was an actor, once told her, “‘A relationship is a two-car garage, Julie, and an actor’s ego takes up a space and a half.'”

It’s OK to be genuinely confused by Sofia Vergara:  “I first met her, and I was like, ‘What is that?'”

It’s OK not to know what to do with your concentration:  “What was I supposed to be as an Italian Renaissance [concentrator], a kissing wench?”

Brown students are inevitably…well, “Brown”:  “I remember being called a whore of the commodity order, by my boyfriend, because I was wearing a skirt.”

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