How to do Halloween in a hurricane

Hurricane Sandy (Cohen) will not prevent our Halloween festivities from taking place; it may just mix them a little wet. Every cloud (including huge, scary ones) has a silver lining. Use the rain to your advantage to come up with some aquatic Halloween costumes. Consider the following five ideas as you trek through the Frankenstorm:

1) A rubber duck is a completely waterproof costume. Stay dry by wearing yellow or orange rain boots and a yellow poncho. If you’re feeling really creative, you can make bubbles by attaching clear balloons to your costume so that you’re a floating rubber duck.

2) If you don’t want to feel awkward holding an umbrella, dress up as a childhood favorite: Mary Poppins. You can even stay warm with a big red coat. 3) Go with a Disney theme and dress up as a character from The Little Mermaid. Between Flounder, Sebastian, and Ursula, the movie’s cast is great for  a maritime group costume. By Wednesday, FishCo might actually be “Under the Sea.”

4) Though lifeguard costumes are usually pretty generic, they are more appropriate given the current circumstances downpour. You might want to consider actually carrying a life jacket around with you, especially if you’re going out tonight.

Arguing with the bouncer always works.

5) Puns about the word sand are extremely appropriate right now, which means costumes centered around it (for once) are as well. You can dress up as a destroyed sand castle; just wear all tan and sprinkle body paint that looks like sand around your face. Perhaps best of all, though, you could dress as Sandy Cheeks from Spongebob. She even lives underwater!

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