BlogDailyHerald’s Second Annual Costume Contest: Results

Thanks to all who submitted photos of their costumes to our second annual costume contest. We were thrilled to get lots of great submissions, all of which were a testament to Brown students’ creativity, wit, and incredible ability to coordinate costumes and poses while being photographed. In true Twelve Angry Men fashion, the editors of BlogDH engaged in a heated debate over your submissions before reaching a final consensus.  While we all agreed on a costume idea, we were split on which group had better execution.  So, without further ado, let us present the first place winners:  

From left to right: James G. ’13, Hannah K. ’15,  Nick D. ’14, Ben M. ’14, Kelly M. ’13, Katie D. ’13, Avery N. ’13, Cory A. ’13, Josh G. ’14, Kathy N. ’13, Christina J. ’14, Tanya N. ’13, Laney C. ’14, Tori L. ’14

Top to bottom, left to right: Zak C. ’15, James G. ’15, Kris K. ’15, Ali K. ’15, Sara P. ’15, Julia V. ’15, Jessica V. ’15, and Joseph R. ’14
Description: The main characters from Toy Story.

Check out more of our favorite submissions after the jump.

Most nostalgic:

From left to right: Ashley C ’14 and Drew L ’14
DescriptionThe martians (or yip yips) from Sesame Street

Most creative Brown-related costume:

Left to right descriptions:

Brown Buzzwords
Quinn S. ’15 as “Discourse” Quinn’s costume translated into disc-horse, which explains the frisbee around his neck and the supposedly horse mane on his back that actually makes him look like a dragon.
Victoria B. ’15 and Kyle A. ’15 as “Heteronormativity” Victoria and Kyle embodied the perfect 1950’s married couple. Obviously, the working dad coming home from work and being welcomed by his perfect wife with pearls, apron, and surely a pie just out of the oven to match.
Sara W. ’15 as “Binary” and Nora M. ’15 as “Spectrum” Sara and Nora’s outfits represent the contrasting takes on gender as a binary (male and female) and as a spectrum (self-identification).
Regan L. ’15 as “Unpacking” Regan’s costume as a suitcase covered in zippers and with a pair of socks falling out embodies the term Brown professors love to use at least twice in any one class.
Jamie M. ’15 as “Social Construct” Jamie with a shirt that says “social” and a construction hat could only be Social Construct- the larger factors that influence our identities and behaviors.

Most acceptable use of leopard print (by far):

Left to right: John C. ’14, Grace H. ’14 & Alex L.’14
Description: Chaz, Margot and Richie Tenenbaum from The Royal Tenenbaums.

Most likely to be misplaced:
Name: Carter R. ’15
Description:Brown ID Card

Best teamwork:

Left to right: James G. ’13 and Ryan S. ’13
Description: “Google. Very self explanatory.”

Best incorporation of a live animal:

Left to right: Ian S. ’13, Mike J. ’13, a dog, Lily R. ’13, Nick V. ’13, Michael M. ’13
Description: Wizard of Oz

Best use of an American Apparel dress:

Left to right: Susan T. ’13 & Cat S. ’13
Description: Starbucks drinks (Caramel Macchiato & Eggnog Latte)

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